How to test an Elm327 interface with ElmAllOBD



Bluetooth pairing.
Ensure that your Elm327 interface is paired with your device.
On your device, go to Settings> Wireless and Networks> Bluetooth> Search.
Pairing can take up-to 25 seconds and sometimes you have to try it several times.

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Connect your Elm327. (16-pin diagnostic connector)
-All cars after 2001.
-Usually the OBD II connector is located on the drivers side below the dash.
-Sometimes inside the tunnel console.


Ignition OFF !!!
Your Elm327 already has enough voltage to be able to perform the test.


Start ElmAllODB.
Select Menu >Test Interface >TEST
Select your interface from the list.
ElmAllOBD now tries to connect to your Elm327.
If ElmAllOBD can connect to your Elm327 then:


During the test:
1: ElmAllOBD sends several commands to your Elm327.
All the commands that I needed to properly set up the interface.
To determine whether your interface is suitable for all Ecu's I have tested.


2: ElmAllOBD sends the commands with a certain speed and duration between them.
To determine if your Elm327 interface is fast enough.


3: ElmAllOBD asks the supported protocols.
To determine which car brands are possible.


4: ElmAllOBD asks your Elm327 version.




When all commands have been answered with "OK",
then you probably purchased a good Elm327 interface.


Sometimes a "hidden" Elm327 v1.0
On the Tested Elm327 page there are two tested Elm interfaces.

(A the lower one) and D
You can only really test this Elm327 by checking whether a Ecu can actually be read.
You have to try this with one of the many brand-specific app's that are available.

If you cannot find a brand-specific app for your car, or if it does not exist, then you have one other option.

ElmAllOBD Server
Then you can try to test your Elm327 interface by using my server.
You may choose one of the Ecu's I have tested that you would like to use for testing.


More about this.
ElmAllOBD App >Menu  >Read DTC