1: Test your Elm327 with ElmAllObd

2: Or read OBD2 live sensor data or diagnostic trouble codes with ElmSmartOBD

With ElmAllObd you can test whether your Elm327 interface is suitable for reading OBD2, ABS or SRS error codes.

Many Bad Elm327 interfaces can't read or erase OBD2, ABS or SRS fault codes.

Car's and Ecu's that I could read with a properly functioning Elm327 interface

can be found on the tested car's  page.

Download ElmAllObd (to test your Elm327)

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Test of a bad Elm327.

Test of a properly functioning Elm327.

An Elm327 interface has been developed to read a engine Ecu by OBDII or EOBD.

But with a properly functioning Elm327 you can often read or clear errors from many other Ecu's too.